Duchess Riot

A BIT O' HISTORY. It all started in late 2010 in a little theatre in North Hollywood where genius director & producer Paul Storiale had a bright idea: women + improv = craziness. After holding a few auditions, Group Therapy was born - an all girl improv team that specialized in short form. In 2011, the ladies performed once a month, gaining both a following and rave reviews, including LA Hotlist’s #1 Theatre Group (which they believe was the result of their parents’ voting). In early 2012, Paul decided it would be best for an all-female group to have no men involved. The girls began managing themselves and with their combined backgrounds in marketing, business and comedy, DUCHESS RIOT was born. The name change symbolized our new business model that utilizes each girl’s talents on and off stage. They also won LA Hotlist's #1 Theatre Group for a second year in a row. After dividing into training, marketing, charity work and content creation, Duchess Riot is currently enjoying sold-out houses and a growing fan base. Duchess Riot has performed at Comedy Central Stage at the Hudson, iO West, M.I.'s Westside Comedy Theater, Bang!, Avery Schreiber Theater, the Whitmore-Lindley, and more. They currently hold residency for their improv shows at ACME Comedy Noho Theater. They continue to expand their unique brand of comedy into improv, sketch, short film, webseries, charity work and more, while performing in theaters throughout the Los Angeles area. Duchess Riot is made up of 8 girls: Suzanne Cotsakos, Chelsey Crisp, Katie Elsaesser, Lauren Howard Brown, Dione Kuraoka, Debbie Lockhart, Jen McGlone and Erin Muroski. The group is currently coached by the amazing Kimberly Lewis.